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Large scale, high standard
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Our strengths

Large-scale , high standards
  • The products are manufactured with ingenuity and quality, and are produced in strict accordance with national standards

    We are committed to retail every device
    Product production is strictly controlled according to the quality certification standards to ensure that the products meet the national and industrial standards;
    The manufacturing and testing of each product can be traced, and the quality records and inspection data are filed;
    Our products have passed ISO90012000 quality management system certification and iqs9000 quality system
  • Fully reinforced

    Modern factory building, modern office environment
    Unique production workshop, complete supporting equipment;
    Covering an area of 40000 square meters, there are more than 150 sets of professional processing equipment;
    With a number of domestic early engaged in drying equipment design and production of technical personnel, continuous development of new products.
  • Perfect Service

    Credit Guarantee • Efficient production and quick delivery
    With good quality, credit guarantee and perfect after-sales service, the market share of each industry is rising;
    To provide customers with professional technical services before, during and after sales;
    Hundreds of enterprises and institutions reliable drying equipment suppliers.

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